About Us

The European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS) was founded in 2007 and is based at the Department of Law at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. The journal aims to provide a platform to promote emerging and established legal scholars working in the fields of European law, international law, comparative law, and legal theory.

EJLS is:

  • Open access: In order to guarantee the widest possible readership, all articles are available free of charge on the EJLS website, as well as via Cadmus (the EUI’s publication repository) and HeinOnline.
  • Peer-reviewed: Submissions go through a rigorous double-blind peer-review process involving the editorial team and members of the wider research community, including a group of selected researchers specialising in empirical studies.
  • Researcher-led: All managerial and editorial work is carried out by postgraduate researchers at the EUI’s Law Department, guided by a Departmental Advisory Board made up of Law Department faculty.
  • Multilingual: EJLS is committed to promoting linguistic diversity and publishes articles in any language within the linguistic competence of the editorial board.

EJLS is part of the following services: