About us

The European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS), founded in 2007 and based at the European University Institute (Florence), is a researcher-led, open access journal. The EJLS aims to promote young legal scholarship of the highest quality in all areas of law with a European, international, theoretical, or comparative perspective. The Journal is:

  • an open-access publication – This provides readers with full free access to all EJLS publications and authors with the widest possible audience in publishing their work. The EJLS issues are also published in CADMUS, the repository of EUI publications, and HeinOnline.
  • a peer-reviewed publication – Submissions go through a rigorous procedure of double-blind peer-review, involving the EUI’s entire scientific community (professors, fellows, researchers, as well as alumni). Our external editors now also include a group of selected researchers from other universities specialised in Empirical Studies.
  • a platform supporting and promoting high-quality and innovative young legal scholarship – the EJLS encourages in particular submissions by young researchers at the start of their academic careers and emerging scholars.
  • a researcher-led journal – Managerial and editorial work is carried out independently by graduate researchers at the EUI, with the invaluable assistance of its Departmental Advisory Board, comprising a number of renowned professors at the Department of Law.
  • a multilingual journal – The EJLS is committed to linguistic diversity by publishing articles in any language within the linguistic competence of Board Members to help ensure a wide dissemination of scholarly work. If you have any questions about this in particular, please contact [email protected] for further information.


The Editorial Board


Anna Krisztián ([email protected])

Managing Editors

Olga Ceran

Janneke van Casteren

Executive Editors

Lene Korseberg

Timothy Jacob-Owens

Media Coordinator

Olga Ceran

Heads of Section

Irene Otero Fernández (European Law)

Nastazja Potocka-Sionek (Comparative Law)

Yussef Al Tamimi (Legal Theory)

Mike Videler (International Law)


Senior Editors

Marcin Barański, Kayahan Cantekin, Olga Ceran, Elias Deutscher, Alexandre Ruiz Feases, Théo Fournier, Oliver Garner, Tarik Gherbaoui, Maria Haag, Timothy Jacob-Owens, Arpitha Upendra Kodiveri, Lene Korseberg, Galyna Kostiukevych, Anna Krisztián, Gonzalo Larrea, Rūta Liepiņa, Stavros Makris, Thibault Martinelli, Sergii Masol, Margherita Melillo, Matilda Merenmies, Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi, Irene Otero Fernández, George Papaconstantinou, Luigi Pedreschi, Promitheas Peridis, Christy Petit, Nastazja Potocka-Sionek, Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira, Zeynep Şimşek, Janneke van Casteren, Mike Videler, Nico Weber, Raphaële Xenidis, Mikaella Yiatrou


Junior Editors

Grigorios Bacharis, Léon Edward Dijkman, Jaka Kukavica, Svitlana Lebedenko, Sunita Tripathy


Senior External Editors

Edwin Alblas, Lucila Almeida, Jacinta Asarfi, Annemarie Balvert, Ieva Bloma, Birte Böök, Filipe Brito Bastos, Federica Coppola, Stephen Coutts, François Delerue, Chiara Destri, Kasper Drazewski, Fabrizio Esposito, Giuliana Giuliani, Maria José Recalde Vela, Gerrit Krol, Carl Lewis, Afroditi-Ioanna Marketou, Madalena Narciso, Ileana Nicolau, Emma Nyhan, Argyri Panezi, Stavros Pantazopoulos, Chloé Papazian, Marie-Catherine Petersmann, Leticia Diez Sanchez, Marita Szreder, Theodosia Stavroulaki, Mikhel Timmerman, Zeynep Timocin Cantekin, Vegard Tørstad, Martijn van de Brink, Viorica Vita, Jan Zglinski


Departmental Advisory Board:

Deirdre Curtin

Claire Kilpatrick

Urška Šadl

Martin Scheinin

All members (senior and junior editors) of the Editorial Board and the Departmental Advisory Board are affiliated with the Department of Law of the European University Institute (EUI), Florence.