General Articles

The European Journal of Legal Studies welcomes submissions of articles between 9,000 and 12,000 words including footnotes. Submissions should be sent as Word files.

Instructions regarding submissions:

  1. Submitted manuscripts must be within the subject-matter of the Journal, i.e. concern an issue of international law, European law, comparative law or legal theory;
  2. Articles must contain a legal research question or hypothesis and make an argument. Report-style submissions will get rejected;
  3. All developments should aim at building a coherent demonstration on the basis of all relevant information and legal facts to respond to that research question or hypothesis and support the main argument;
  4. The argument and the submission’s contribution to the field should be clearly stated and convincingly put forward early on and throughout the paper. The author should locate the argument in the literature and converse with existing and/or previous works;
  5. Submissions should be well-structured. The absence of logical connection between the different parts of a paper will lead to its rejection. The paper should not contain developments that are not helpful for constructing the demonstration.
  6. With regard to the language of submissions, manuscripts are expected to meet good academic writing standards. Contributions should be well-written, i.e. syntax and vocabulary choices should aim at conveying the author’s ideas in the most comprehensible, convincing and sharpest way.
  7. Authors are also kindly requested to strictly observe the word limit of the Journal;
  8. Footnotes should be relevant, orderly organized, and substantively correspond with the text;
  9. Authors are requested to consult and follow the EJLS Style Guide including the citation requirements. Articles should be submitted as Word files. Submissions should include a short abstract (150-200 words), a list of keywords and a table of contents;
  10. The Journal encourages authors to write and/or refer to research material published not only in English but also in other languages.

EJLS Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement