Issue 11(2)

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Olga Ceran and Anna Krisztián, ‘From Inclusivity to Diversity: Lessons Learned from the EJLS’ Peer Review Process’ (1-12) [download PDF]


New Voices

Anna Shtefan, ‘Freedom of Panorama: The EU Experience’ (13-27) [download PDF]


General Articles

Piotr Sadowski, ‘A Safe Habour or a Sinking Ship? On the Protection of Fundamental Rights of Asylum Seekers in Recent CJEU Judgments’ (29-64) [download PDF]

Giovanni De Gregorio, ‘From Constitutional Freedoms to the Power of the Platforms: Protecting Fundamental Rights Online in the Algorithmic Society’ (65-103) [download PDF]

Ielyzaveta Badanova, ‘Making Sense of Solidarity in International Law: Input From the Integration of the European Gas Market’ (105-141) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Jakub Handrlica, ‘Anna Södersten, Euratom at the Crossroads (Edward Elgar 2018)’ (143-151) [download PDF]

Léon E. Dijkman, ‘Ole-Andreas Rognstad, Property Aspects of Intellectual Property (Cambridge University Press 2018)’ (153-162) [download PDF]

Tarik Gherbaoui, ‘Manfred Nowak and Anne Charbord (eds), Using Human Rights to Counter Terrorism (Edward Elgar 2018)’ (163-171) [download PDF]


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