Issue 10(1)

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Elias Deutscher, Raphaële Xenidis and Birte Böök, ‘Managing a Student-Run Peer-Reviewed Legal Journal: Ten Years of Bridging Research and Experience’ (1-15) [download PDF]


New Voices

Marina Aksenova, ‘Of Victims and Villains in the Fight against International Terrorism’ (17-38) [download PDF]

Guilherme Del Negro, ‘The Validity of Treaties Concluded under Coercion of the State: Sketching a TWAIL Critique’ (39-60) [download PDF]


General Articles

Francesca Capone and Andrea de Guttry, ‘An Analysis of the Diplomatic Crisis between Turkey and the Netherlands in Light of the Existing International Legal Framework Governing Diplomatic and Consular Relations’ (61-79) [download PDF]

Mariana Gkliati, ‘The Application of the EU-Turkey Agreement: A Critical Analysis of the Decisions of the Greek Appeals Committees’ (81-123) [download PDF]

Diane Fromage and Valentin Kreilinger, ‘National Parliaments’ Third Yellow Card and the Struggle over the Revision of the Posted Workers Directive’ (125-160) [download PDF]

Benjamin Bricker, ‘Party Polarization and its Consequences for Judicial Power and Judicial Independence’ (161-202) [download PDF]

Lukas van den Berge, ‘Montesquieu and Judicial Review of Proportionality in Administrative Law: Rethinking the Separation of Powers in the Neoliberal Era’ (203-233) [download PDF]

Barend van Leeuwen, ‘Rethinking the Structure of Free Movement Law: The Centralisation of Proportionality in the Internal Market’ (235-265) [download PDF]

Silvia Nuzzo, ‘Tackling Diversity Inside WTO: The GATT Moral Clause after Colombia – Textiles‘ (267-293) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Elena Brodeală, ‘Barbara Havelková, Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism (Hart Publishing 2017)’ (295-303) [download PDF]

Rūta Liepiņa, ‘Geoffrey Samuel, A Short Introduction to Judging and to Legal Reasoning (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016)’ (305-312) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-020-EN-N

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