Issue 11(1)

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Anna Krisztián, ‘Changing Times’ (1-4) [download PDF]


General Articles

Stefaan van der Jeught, ‘Current Practices with Regard to the Interpretation of Multilingual EU Law: How to Deal with Diverging Language Versions?’ (5-38) [download PDF]

Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri, ‘Human Rights in the Sky: Weighing Human Rights against the Law on International Carriage by Air’ (39-66) [download PDF]

Ilaria Kutufà, ‘The Financial Distress of Individual Debtors: Points for a De Jure Condendo Reflection from a Comparative Perspective’ (67-96) [download PDF]

Laura M. Henderson, ‘Deciding to Repeat Differently: Iterability and Decision in Judicial Decision-Making’ (97-127) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘Ayelet Shachar, Rainer Bauböck, Irene Bloemraad, and Maarten Vink (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (Oxford University Press 2017)’ (129-135) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-023-EN-N

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