Special Issue: The Brexit Negotiations and the May Government

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Full Issue [download PDF]


Guest Editor’s Introduction

Federico Fabbrini, ‘The Brexit Negotiations and the May Government’ (1-22) [download PDF]


Special Issue Articles

Emily Jones, ‘The Negotiations: Hampered by the UK’s Weak Strategy’ (23-58) [download PDF]

Kenneth A Armstrong, ‘After EU Membership: The United Kingdom in Transition’ (59-86) [download PDF]

Federico Fabbrini and Rebecca Schmidt, ‘The Extension of UK Membership in the EU: Causes and Consequences’ (87-116) [download PDF]

Catherine Barnard and Emilija Leinarte, ‘Brexit and Citizens’ Rights’ (117-152) [download PDF]

Eileen Connolly and John Doyle, ‘Brexit and the Irish Border’ (153-186) [download PDF]

Paola Mariani and Giorgio Sacerdoti, ‘Brexit and Trade Issues’ (187-218) [download PDF]

Ben Tonra, ‘Brexit and Security’ (219-244) [download PDF]

Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, ‘The Future of the United Kingdom’ (245-274) [download PDF]

Etain Tannam, ‘The Future of UK-Irish Relations’ (275-304) [download PDF]

Federico Fabbrini, ‘The Future of the EU27’ (305-333) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-026-EN-N

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