CJEU Special Issue: The Preliminary Ruling Procedure Today: Revising Article 267 TFEU’s Constitutional Backbone

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Full Issue [download PDF]


Daniele Gallo and Lorenzo Cecchetti  (1-6) [download PDF]


François-Xavier Millet, ‘From the Duty to Refer to the Duty to State Reasons: The Past, Present and Future of the Preliminary Reference Procedure’ (7-36) [download PDF]

Giuseppe Martinico, ‘Retracing Old (Scholarly) Paths. The Erga Omnes Effects of the Interpretative Preliminary Rulings’ (37-70) [download PDF]

Lorenzo Cecchetti, ‘The Scope Ratione Temporis of the Interpretive Rulings of the ECJ: Should the Temporal Limitation Still be a Strict Derogation from Retroactive Effects?’ (71-106) [download PDF]

Daniel Sarmiento, ‘The ‘Overruling Technique’ at the Court of Justice of the European Union’ (107-146) [download PDF]

Fernanda G. Nicola, Cristina Fasone and Daniele Gallo, ‘Comparing the Procedures and Practice of Judicial Dialogue in the US and the EU: Effects on US Unconstitutionality and EU’s Preliminary Interpretive Rulings(147-188) [download PDF]

Eleni Frantziou, ‘Human Rights as an Example of Cooperative Federalism? A Chronology of the Use of the Preliminary Reference Procedure in Human Rights Cases between 1957 and 2023’ (189-220) [download PDF]


Robert Schütze, ‘Conclusion: Article 267 TFEU and EU Federalism’ (221-227) [download PDF]

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