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Karine Caunes, ‘Editorial’ (1-7) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]


International Law

Martti Koskenniemi, ‘International Law: Constitutionalism, Managerialism and the Ethos of Legal Education’ (8-24) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Pierre-Marie Dupuy, ‘A Doctrinal Debate in the Globalisation Era: on the “Fragmentation” of International Law’ (25-41) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Enzo Cannizzaro, ‘Interconnecting International Jurisdictions: A Contribution from the Genocide Decision of the ICJ’ (42-57) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian )]

Anthony Carty, ‘The Yearning for Unity and the Eternal Return of the Tower of Babel’ (58-81) [download PDF (English) [download PDF (French)]

Philip Allott, ‘The Opening of the Human Mind’ (82-97) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]


European Law

Philippe C. Schmitter, ‘Can the European Union be legitimized by Governance?’ (98-117) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Spanish)]

Caroline de la Porte, ‘Good Governance via the OMC? The cases of Employment and Social Inclusion’ (118-162) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Fabrizio Cafaggi, ‘Self-regulation in European Contract Law’ (163-218) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]


Comparative Law

Mark Elliott, ‘The “War on Terror” and the United Kingdom’s Constitution’ (219-242) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

James W. Nickel, ‘Due Process Rights and Terrorist Emergencies’ (243-264) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Portuguese)]


Theories of Law

Chantal Kourilsky-Augeven, ‘Legal Socialisation: From Compliance to Familiarisation through Permeation’ (265-295) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Baudouin Dupret, ‘Legal Pluralism, Plurality of Laws, and Legal Practices: Theories, Critiques, and Praxiological Re-specification’ (296-318) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Spanish)]

Roderick MacDonald and Thomas McMorrow, ‘Wedding a Critical Legal Pluralism to the Laws of Close Personal Adult Relationships’ (319-356) [download PDF]


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