Issue 2(2)

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Full Issue [download PDF]



Wim Muller, ‘Editorial’ (1-6) [download PDF]



Fabrizio Cafaggi, ‘Creditor’s Fault: In Search of a Comparative Frame’ (7-24) [download PDF]

Jan M. Smits, ‘Democracy and (European) Private Law: A Functional Approach’ (25-39) [download PDF]

Maria Iglesias, ‘Bibliotecas Digitales y Obras Cautivas’ (40-65) [download PDF]

Jan-Jaap Kuipers, ‘Cartesio and Grunkin-Paul: Mutual Recognition as a Vested Rights Theory Based on Party Autonomy in Private Law’ (66-97) [download PDF]

Beata Węgrzynowska, ‘Cartesio: Analysis of the Case’ (98-114) [download PDF].


Book Reviews

Marija Bartl, ‘Fabrizio Cafaggi and Horatia Muir Watt, Making European Private Law: Governance Design (Chaltenham, Elgar, 2008)’ (115-123) [download PDF]

Sacha Garben, ‘Finn Laursen, The Rise and Fall of the EU’s Constitutional Treaty (Leiden, Nijhoff, 2008)’ (124-134) [download PDF]

Valentina Sara Vadi, ‘Winning the Global Development Challenge – John W. Head, Losing the Global Development War: A Contemporary Critique of the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO (Leiden, Nijhoff, 2008)’ (135-148) [download PDF]

Ciarán Burke, ‘All Quiet on the Western Intervention Front: A Brave Attempt to Trace New Routes over Well-Travelled Ground – Philip Alston and Euan McDonald, Human Rights, Intervention, and the Use of Force (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008)’ (149-157) [download PDF]

Axelle Reiter-Korkmaz, ‘Not Taking Analytics Too Seriously – Sean Coyle, From Positivism to Idealism: A Study of the Moral Dimensions of Legality (Aldershot, Ashgate, 2007)’ (158-168) [download PDF]


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