Issue 2(3)

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Wim Muller, ‘Editor’s Note’ (1) [download PDF]

Meritxell Fernández-Barrera, Primavera De Filippi, Norberto Andrade, Gomes de Andrade and Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha, ‘Introduction: Looking into the Future…’ (2-18) [download PDF]



Massimo Durante, ‘Re-designing the Role of Law in the Information Society: Mediating between the Real and the Virtual’ (19-37) [download PDF]

Harmeet Sawhney, Venkata Ratnadeep Suri and Hyangsun Lee, ‘New Technologies and the Law: Precedents via Metaphors’ (38-54) [download PDF]

Armando A. Cottim, ‘Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism and Jurisdiction: An Analysis of Article 22 of the COE Convention on Cybercrime’ (55-79) [download PDF]

Federica Casarosa, ‘Children Protection Online: Uneasy Steps towards a Balance between Risks and Freedoms’ (80-94) [download PDF]

Oles Andriychuk, ‘The Concept of Network Neutrality in the EU Dimension: Should Europe Trust in Antitrust?’ (95-118) [download PDF]

Pompeu Casanovas, ‘The Future of Law: Relational Justice and the Next Generation of Web Services’ (119-136) [download PDF]

Anton Geist, ‘The Open Revolution: Using Citation Analysis to Improve Legal Text Retrieval’ (137-145) [download PDF]

Tobias Mahler, ‘Tool-supported Legal Risk Management: A Roadmap’ (146-167) [download PDF]

Ryan Calo, ‘Peeping HALs: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence and Privacy’ (168-192) [download PDF]

Nadezda Purtova, ‘Property in Personal Data: a European Perspective on the Instrumentalist Theory of Propertisation’ (193-208) [download PDF]

Paolo Guarda, ‘The Myth of Odin’s Eye: Privacy vs. Knowledge’ (209-220) [download PDF]

Wojciech Załuski, ‘Genetic Enhancement and Autonomy’ (221-233) [download PDF]

Ugo Pagallo, ‘Let Them Be Peers: The Future of P2P Systems and Their Impact on Contemporary Legal Networks’ (234-248) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-006-EN-N


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