Issue 1(3)

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Special Conference Issue: Edited jointly by Michael Blecher, Giuseppe Bronzini, Jennifer Hendry, Christian Joerges and the European Journal of Legal Studies

Full Issue [download PDF]



Rory Stephen Brown, ‘The Geology of Governing Society’ (1-8) [download PDF]

Michael Blecher, ‘Governance, Civil Society and Social Movements: Introduction to the Special Issue’ (9-16) [download PDF]


The Erosion of State Government and the Emergence of (Transnational) Governance

Christian Joerges, ‘Integration durch Entrechtlichung? Ein Zwischenruf’ (17-43) [download PDF (German)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Lauso Zagato, ‘Governance: A Challenge for International Law?’ (44-57) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]


Social Movements and Civil Society

Donatella della Porta, ‘The Emergence of European Movements? Civil Society and the EU’ (58-81) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Günter Frankenberg, ‘National, Supranational, and Global: Ambivalence in the Practice of Civil Society’ (82-101) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (German)]


Elements of Societal Constitutionalism

Janet M. Dine, ‘The Capture of Corruption: Complexity and Corporate Culture’ (102-127) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Giuseppe Bronzini, ‘Governance and the Development of Flex-Secure Labour Law’ (128-135) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Giuseppe Allegri, ‘New Social Movements and the Deconstruction of New Governance: Fragments of Post-Modern Theories in Europuzzle’ (136-147) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]


Re-Claiming ‘the Common’: Transformation of Governance Projects by Social Movements

Michael Blecher, ‘Mind the Gap’ (148-156) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Roberto Ciccarelli, ‘Reframing Political Freedom: An Analysis of Governmentality’ (157-175) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Antonio Negri, ‘Philosophy of Law against Sovereignty: New Excesses, Old Fragmentations’ (176-183) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Gunther Teubner, ‘Justice Under Global Capitalism?’ (184-189) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Jennifer Hendry, ‘Coda: Governance, Civil Society & Social Movements. Re-Claiming “the Common”‘ (190-198) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-003-EN-N


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