Issue 14(1)

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Max Münchmeyer (1-4) [download PDF]

New Voices

Chiara Scissa, ‘The Climate Changes, Should EU Migration Law Change as Well? Insights from Italy’ (5-23) [download PDF]

Livia Hinz, ‘Private Sector Involvement in Sovereign Debt Governance in the Post-Pandemic World: The Role of the “Comparability of Treatment” Principle’ (25-43) [download PDF]

Selen Kazan, ‘A Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the USA – a Starting Point for a National Discourse’ (45-63) [download PDF]

General Articles

Tleuzhan Zhunussova, ‘What Does It Take to Be a Loyal Member? Revisiting the “Good Membership” Obligations in the Law of International Organizations’ (65-101) [download PDF]

Lukáš Boháček, ‘Mutual Trust in EU Law: Trust “In What” and “Between Whom”?’ (103-40) [download PDF]

Jan Blockx, ‘Effet Utile Reasoning by the Court of Justice of the European Union is Mostly Indirect: Evidence and Consequences’ (141-71) [download PDF]

Federico Ferretti, ‘A Single European Data Space and Data Act for the Digital Single Market: on Datafication and the Viability of a PSD2-like Access Regime for the Platform Economy’ (173-218) [download PDF]

Marloes van Rijsbergen and Ebbe Rogge, ‘Changes to the European Financial Supervisory Agencies’ Soft Law Powers: Legitimacy Problems Solved or New Puzzles Created?’ (219-54) [download PDF]

Book Reviews

Maria Kotsoni, ‘Ulrich Becker and Anastasia Poulou (eds), European Welfare State Constitutions after the Financial Crisis (Oxford University Press 2020)’ (255-66) [download PDF]

Jaka Kukavica, ‘Matej Avbelj and Jernej Letnar Černič, The Impact of European Institutions on the Rule of Law and Democracy: Slovenia and Beyond (Hart 2020)’ (267-78) [download PDF]

Sophia Ayada, ‘Barbara Havelková and Mathias Möschel (eds), Anti-Discrimination Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions (Oxford University Press 2019)’ (279-91) [download PDF]


Matej Avbelj, Jernej Letnar Černič, and Gorazd Justinek, ‘Letter to the Editors’ [download PDF]



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