Issue 14(2)

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Helga Molbæk-Steensig and Alexander Gilder (1-8) [download PDF]

General Articles

Moshe Bar Niv and Ran Lachman, ‘To Raise or Not to Raise: This is the Question of Judicial Compensation’ (9-44) [download PDF]

Giuseppe Colangelo and Valerio Torti, ‘Anti-Suit Injunctions and Geopolitics in Transnational SEPs Litigation’ (45-84) [download PDF]

Special Section

Rita Guerreiro Teixeira, ‘How International Organisations Shape International Environmental Law Through Non-Binding Instruments – An Account of the Exercise of International Public Authority’ (85-102) [download PDF]

Danielle Reeder, ‘Searching for Clarity and Distinction Within ‘Regionalised Collective Security’ (103-120) [download PDF]

Daniel F. Akrofi, Peixuan Shang, and Jakub Ciesielczuk, ‘Reconsidering Approaches Towards Facilitating Non-State Actors’ Participation in the Global Plastics Regime’ (121-140) [download PDF]

Kilian Roithmaier, ‘Holding States Responsible for Violations of International Humanitarian Law in Proxy Warfare: The Concept of State Complicity in Acts of Non-State Armed Groups’ (141-156) [download PDF]

Book Reviews

Paulien Van de Velde-Van Rumst, ‘Nicolas Levrat, Yuliya Kaspiarovich, Christine Kaddous and Ramses A Wessel (eds), The EU and its Member States’ Joint Participation in International
(Hart 2022)’ (157-168) [download PDF]


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