Issue 15(1)

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Helga Molbæk-Steensig  (1-7) [download PDF]

New Voices

Cian Moran, ‘Navigating between Scylla and Charybdis: International Law, Maritime Security and Freedom of Navigation’ (9-27) [download PDF]

Giorgia Carratta and Liv Jaeckel, ‘Global Plastics Governance: Opportunities and Challenges for its Improvement from a Life Cycle Perspective’ (29-64) [download PDF]

Henrique Marcos, ‘Two Kinds of Systemic Consistency in International Law’ (65-83) [download PDF]

General Articles

Gerd Winter, ‘Plaumann Withering: Standing before the EU General Court underway from Distinctive to Substantial Concern’ (85-124) [download PDF]

Barbara Warwas, ‘Returning to the Origins of Multilevel Regulation: The Role of Historical ADR Practices’ (125-165) [download PDF]

MariaCaterina La Barbera and Isabel Wences, ‘The Polysemy of Gender Discrimination in the IACtHR Jurisprudence: Towards the Elimination of Structural Gender Discrimination Through Transformative Reparations(167-207) [download PDF]

Emerson Harvey Cepeda-Rodríguez, ‘Represión Contra Activistas O Personas Defensoras De Derechos Humanos. La Violencia De La Democracia Y El Derecho’ (209-266) [download PDF]

Special Section: Legal Imaginaries

Gail Lythgoe, ‘Editorial: Thinking the Unthinkable: Beyond International Law’s Imaginaries?’ (267-272) [download PDF]

Weihang Zhou, ‘Rethinking the Problem of Third-State Injuries in the Situation of Self-Defence: Justifications against the Host State’ (273-292) [download PDF]

Armi Beatriz E. Bayot, ‘Indigenous Peoples in International Law: Resistance, Refusal, Revolution’ (293-311) [download PDF]

Derya Çakım, ‘The Role of Metaphors in Shaping the Narrative of Protection in the Mandate System: A Story of a Protective Father And His Controlled Children’ (313-332) [download PDF]

Book Reviews

Niels Hoek, ‘Geoffrey Garver, Ecological Law And The Planetary Crisis: A Legal Guide For Harmony On Earth (Routledge 2022)’ (333-341) [download PDF]

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