Issue 15(2)

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Full Issue [download PDF]



Helga Molbæk-Steensig and Michael Widdowson (1-10) [download PDF]

Special Section: Legal Epistemologies

Jakob v. H. Holtermann, ‘Sub Editorial: Overcoming Temptation?’ (11-17) [download PDF]

Jesse Claassen, ‘Doctrinal and Empirical Perspectives on Preliminary References to the
European Court of Justice’ (19-35) [download PDF]

Helga Molbæk-Steensig, ‘Battling for the Is-Position in the Field of Law: The Problem with Case
Law Sampling’ (37-56) [download PDF]

Léon Dijkman, ‘Of Charlie and Karl: Notes on Persuasive Legal Writing’ (57-72) [download PDF]

Special Section: Constitutional Imaginaries

Maximilian Reymann, ‘National Imaginaries for a Transnational EU’ (73-89) [download PDF]

Maciej Krogel, ‘Constitutional Imaginaries: The Story of the Rise and Fall of Intellectual
Enchantment’ (91-107) [download PDF]

Hagen Schulz-Forberg, ‘Constitutionalism as Practice’ (109-126) [download PDF]

Jan Komárek, ‘Imagining European Constitutionalism as a Constitutional Scholar’ (127-135)[download PDF]

General Articles

Giovanna Gilleri, ‘Women and All of us: Article 5(a) CEDAW as a Protection for all
Gendered Individuals’ (137-171) [download PDF]

Jeffrey Archer Miller, ‘Strengthening the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Europe to Access
Goods and Services’ (173-213) [download PDF]

Book Reviews

Nozizwe Dube, ‘Folúkẹ́ Adébísí, Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on
Power and Possibility (Bristol Univeristy Press 2023)’ (215-225) [download PDF]

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