Issue 1(2)

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Bart Van Vooren, ‘Judging Judges’ (1-12) [download PDF]


International Law

Kai P. Purnhagen and Emanuele Rebasti, ‘Judge’s Empire? – Interview with Rudolf Bernhardt’ (13-21) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (German)]

Benedetto Conforti, ‘The Role of the Judge in International Law’ (22-28) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Pierre-Marie Dupuy, ‘The Unity of Application of International Law at the Global Level and the Responsibility of Judges’ (29-52) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, ‘Do Judges Meet their Constitutional Obligation to Settle Disputes in Conformity with “Principles of Justice and International Law”?’ (53-89) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Romanian)]

Noora Arajärvi, ‘The Role of the International Criminal Judge in the Formation of Customary International Law’ (90-120) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]


European Law

Allan Rosas, ‘The European Court of Justice in Context: Forms and Patterns of Judicial Dialogue’ (121-136) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (German)]

Miguel Poiares Maduro, ‘Interpreting European Law: Judicial Adjudication in a Context of Constitutional Pluralism’ (137-152) [download PDF]

Mattias Kumm, ‘Institutionalising Socratic Contestation: The Rationalist Human Rights Paradigm, Legitimate Authority and the Point of Judicial Review’ (153-183) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Spanish)]

David Ordóñez-Solís, ‘European Judges in a Global Society: Power, Language and Argumentation’ (184-212) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Spanish)]


Comparative Law

Darinka Piqani, ‘Constitutional Courts in Central and Eastern Europe and their Attitude towards European Integration’ (213-234) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Dutch)]

Marek Safjan, ‘Transitional Justice: The Polish Example, the Case of Lustration’ (235-253) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Richard Mohr and Francesco Contini, ‘Judicial Evaluation in Context: Principles, Practices and Promise in Nine European Countries’ (254-291) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Italian)]

Marco Fabri and Philip M. Langbroek, ‘Is There a Right Judge for Each Case? A Comparative Study of Case Assignment in Six European Countries’ (292-315) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Portuguese)]


Theories of Law

Michel Troper, ‘The Judicial Power and Democracy’ (316-329) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Jacques Lenoble, ‘Beyond the Judge: From Hermeneutic and Pragmatist Approaches to a Genetic Approach to the Concept of Law’ (330-390) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]

Carlos L. Bernal, ‘A Speech Act Analysis of Judicial Decisions’ (391-414) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (Spanish)]

Marie-Claire Belleau, Rebecca Johnson, and Valérie Bouchard, ‘Faces of Judicial Anger: Answering the Call’ (415-458) [download PDF (English)] [download PDF (French)]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-002-EN-N

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