Issue 9(2)

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Oliver Garner, ‘The Borders of European Integration on Trial in the Member States: Dansk Industri, Miller, and Taricco‘ (1-14) [download PDF]


New Voices

Anogika Souresh, ‘Jurisdictional Immunities of the State: Why the ICJ Got It Wrong’ (15-35) [download PDF]

Guglielmo Feis, ‘Ought Implies Can: Counter-Examples and Intentions’ (37-51) [download PDF]

Marta Cantero Gamito, ‘ Self-Regulation and Contract Governance in the Platform Economy: A Research Agenda’ (53-67) [download PDF]


General Articles

Sara De Vido, ‘The Ratification of the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention by the EU: A Step Forward in the Protection of Women from Violence in the European Legal System’ (69-102) [download PDF]

Eduardo Gill-Pedro, ‘Freedom to Conduct Business in EU Law: Freedom from Interference or Freedom from Domination?’ (103-134) [download PDF]

Gaetano Lapenta, ‘Vers un marché unique numérique: Géoblocage et portabilité transfrontière des services de contenu en ligne dans l’Union Européenne’ (135-170) [download PDF]

Moshe Bar Niv and Ran Lachman, ‘Judges’ Perspective on the Level of Punishment’ (171-207) [download PDF]

Virgílio Afonso da Silva, ‘Do We Deliberate? If So, How?’ (209-240) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Anastasia Poulou, ‘Floris de Witte, Justice in the EU. The Emergence of Transnational Solidarity (OUP 2015)’ (241-250) [download PDF]

Martijn Van Den Brink, ‘Päivi Johanna Neuvonen, Equal Citizenship and Its Limits in EU Law: We the Burden? (Hart Publishing 2016)’ (251-258) [download PDF]

Alessandro Petti, ‘Federico Fabbrini, Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Han Somsen (eds), What Form of Government for the European Union and for the Eurozone? (Hart Publishing 2015)’ (259-268) [download PDF]


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