Issue 10(2)

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Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi, ‘Talking About My Generation’ (1-10) [download PDF]


General Articles

Orlin Yalnazov, ‘Two Types of Legal Uncertainty’ (11-45) [download PDF]

Lize R. Glas, ‘Translating the Convention’s Fairness Standards to the European Court of Human Rights: An Exploration with a Case Study on Legal Aid and the Right to a Reasoned Judgment’ (47-82) [download PDF]

Vladislava Stoyanova, ‘Populism, Exceptionality, and the Right to Family Life of Migrants under the European Convention on Human Rights’ (83-125) [download PDF]

Volha Parfenchyk, ‘The Right to Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Biological Citizenship and the Challenge to the Italian Law on Medically Assisted Reproduction’ (127-163) [download PDF]

Davor Petrić, ‘The Global Effects of EU Energy Regulation’ (166-207) [download PDF]


New Voices

Riccardo Fadiga, ‘Of Apples, Cars, and Coffee – Against the Commission’s Remedy to Unlawful Tax Rulings’ (209-230) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Raphaële Xenidis, ‘Iyiola Solanke, Discrimination as Stigma: A Theory of Anti-Discrimination Law (Hart Publishing 2017)’ (231-248) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-021-EN-N

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