EJLS 12(1)

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Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-20-001-EN-N

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Some Thoughts on the (Un)sustaintability of Academic Publishing

By: Anna Krisztián

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General Articles

Human Control over Automation: EU Policy and AI Ethics

By: Riikka Koulu

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Farm Animal Welfare under Scrutiny: Issues Unsolved by the EU Legislator

By: Luca Leone

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PESCO and the Prospect of a European Army: The ‘Constitutional Need’ to Provide for a Power of Control of the European Parliament on Military Interventions

By: Matteo Frau and Elisa Tira

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Which Courts Matter Most? Measuring Importance in the EU Preliminary Reference System

By: Michael Ovádek, Wessel Wijtvliet and Monika Glavina

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Reconceptualising Extraterritoriality under the ECHR as Concurrent Responsibility: The Case for a Principled and
Tailored Approach

By: Alexandros Demetriades

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The Role of National Courts for the International Rule of Law: Insights from the Field of Migration

By: Pierfrancesco Rossi

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Rob van Gestel and Andreas Lienhard (eds), Evaluating Academic Legal Research in Europe: The Advantage of Lagging Behind (Edward Elgar 2019)

By: Olga Ceran

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Book Review: Rostam J. Neuwirth, Law in the Time of Oxymora: A Synaethesia of Language, Logic and Law (Routledge 2018)

By: Kerttuli Lingenfelter

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