Issue 13(1)

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Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘Whiteness in the Ivory Tower’ (1-13) [download PDF]


New Voices

George Hill, ‘The Map and International Law’s Stifled Visual Discourse’ (15-28) [download PDF]

Mirko Forti, ‘The Deployment of Artificial Intelligence Tools in the Health Sector: Privacy Concerns and Regulatory Answers within the GDPR’ (29-44) [download PDF]

Orlando Scarcello, ‘Proportionality in the PSPP and Weiss Judgments: Comparing Two Conceptions of the Unity of Public Law’ (45-59) [download PDF]


Book Symposium: Capitalism as Civilisation

Kanad Bagchi, ‘Materialism, Culture and the Standard of Civilization’ (61-79) [download PDF]

Julie Wetterslev, ‘The Standard of Civilisation in International Law’ (81-99) [download PDF]

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín, ‘Victorian Antics: The Persistence of the “Law as Craft” Mindset in the Critical Legal Imagination’ (101-116) [download PDF]

Rohini Sen, ‘Reading and Readings of Capitalism as Civilisation‘ (117-136) [download PDF]

Ntina Tzouvala, ‘Capitalism as Civilisation, or How to Respond to your Book Reviews when the Author is Dead’ (137-153) [download PDF]


General Articles

Kristina Čufar, ‘Pure Theory’s Deconstruction’ (155-186) [download PDF]

Matthew Evans, ‘You Cannot Eat Critique: On Uncritical Critical (Legal) Theory and the Poverty of Bullshit’ (187-222) [download PDF]

Tetyana (Tanya) Krupiy, ‘Leaving the Dice for Play: A Critique of the Application of the Law and Economics Lens to International Humanitarian Law’ (223-269) [download PDF]

Justin Lindeboom, ‘The Autonomy of EU Law: A Hartian View’ (271-307) [download PDF]

Gabriella Perotto, ‘How to Cope with Harmful Tax Competition in the EU Legal Order: Going Beyond the Elusive Quest for a Definition and the Misplaced Reliance on State Aid Law’ (309-340) [download PDF]

Marco Bodellini, ‘The Optional Measures of Deposit Guarantee Schemes: Towards a New Bank Crisis Management Paradigm?’ (341-376) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Maria Patrin, ‘Anu Bradford, The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World (Oxford University Press 2020)’ (377-386) [download PDF]

Grigoris Bacharis, ‘Roger Halson and David Campbell (eds), Research Handbook on Remedies in Private Law (Edward Elgar 2019)’ (387-396) [download PDF]


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