Issue 4(1)

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Benedict S. Wray, ‘From Government to Governance: Reflections on Change’ (1-7) [download PDF]


Symposium on Climate Governance

Massimiliano Montini, ‘Reshaping Climate Governance for Post-2012’ (8-28) [download PDF]

Rafael Leal-Arcas, ‘Alternative Architecture for Climate Change: Major Economies’ (29-67) [download PDF]

Anastasia Telesetsky, ‘Experimenting with International Collaborative Governance for Climate Change Mitigation by Private Actors: Scaling up Dutch Co-Regulation’ (68-96) [download PDF]

Sean Stephenson, ‘ODA Grow on Trees? A Legal Analysis of REDD-ODA Finance’ (97-121) [download PDF]

María León-Moreta, ‘Biofuels – A Threat to the Environment and Human Rights? An Analysis of the impact of the production of feedstock for agrofuels on the rights to water, land and food’ (122-143) [download PDF]


General Articles

Alexander Green, ‘Expanding Law’s Empire: Interpretivism, Morality and the Value of Legality’ (144-178) [download PDF]

Davide Strazzari, ‘Harmonizing Trends vs Domestic Regulatory Frameworks: Looking for the European Law on Cross-border Cooperation’ (179-244) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Vesselin Paskalev, ‘Leviathans Welcome! – C. List & P. Pettit, Group Agency: The Possibility, Design and Status of Group Agents (Oxford University Press, 2011)’ (245-255) [download PDF]

Axelle Reiter, ‘Much Ado About Nothing? – M. T. Kamminga & M. Scheinin, The Impact of Human Rights Law on General International Law (Oxford University Press, 2009)’ (256-267) [download PDF]

Alba Ruibal, ‘D. Anagnostou & E. Psychogiopoulou (eds), The European Court of Human Rights and the Rights of Marginalised Individuals and Minorities in National Context (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, 2010)’ (268-273) [download PDF]

Marco Rizzi, ‘In Search of Consensus? – G.-P. Calliess & P. Zumbansen, Rough Consensus and Running Code: A Theory of Transnational Private Law (Hart, 2010)’ (275-281) [download PDF]


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