Issue 7(1)

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Full Issue [download PDF]



Jan Zglinski, ‘On Failure’ (1-3) [download PDF]


General Articles

Raphael Bitton, ‘Intelligence Agents, Autonomous Slaves and the U.S. Supreme Court’s Wrong (and Right) Concept of Personal Autonomy’ (4-40) [download PDF]

Sergii Shcherbak, ‘How Should Bitcoin Be Regulated?’ (41-83) [download PDF]

Mandana Niknejad, ‘European Union Towards the Banking Union, Single Supervisory Mechanism and Challenges on the Road Ahead’ (84-113) [download PDF]

Zygimantas Juska, ‘Obstacles in European Competition Law Enforcement: A Potential Solution from Collective Redress’ (114-139) [download PDF]

Jaime Rodriguez Medal, ‘Transparency in the Staff Selection Procedure of the EU Institutions: Comments on the Pachtitits Case’ (140-173) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Emma Linklater, ‘Laura J Murray, S Tina Piper and Kirsty Robertson, Putting Intellectual Property in its Place: Rights Discourses, Creative Labor, and the Everyday (Oxford University Press 2014)’ (174-177) [download PDF]


Catalogue no.: QM-AZ-19-014-EN-N

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