Issue 8(1)

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Full Issue [download PDF]



Jan Zglinski, ‘Inside the Research Factory’ (1-4) [download PDF]


New Voices

Michèle Finck, ‘Challenging the Subnational Dimension of Subsidiarity in EU Law’ (5-17) [download PDF]


General Articles

Urška Šadl, ‘The Role of Effet Utile in Preserving the Continuity and Authority of European Union Law: Evidence from the Citation Web of the Pre-accession Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU’ (18-45) [download PDF]

Maciej Borowicz, ‘Private Power and International Law: The International Swaps and Derivatives Association’ (46-66) [download PDF]

Iris H-Y Chiu, ‘Power and Accountability in the EU Financial Regulatory Architecture: Examining Inter-agency Relations, Agency Independence and Accountability’ (67-103) [download PDF]

Jaime Rodriguez Medal, ‘Concept of a Court or Tribunal under the Reference for a Preliminary Ruling: Who can Refer Questions to the Court of Justice of the EU?’ (104-146) [download PDF]

Joseph Damamme, ‘How Can Obesity Fit within the Legal Concept of ‘Disability’? A Comparative Analysis of Judicial Interpretations under EU and US Non-discrimination Law after Kaltoft‘ (147-179) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Emma Nyhan, ‘Marek Zirk-Sadowski, Bartosz Wojciechowski, and Karolina M Cern (eds), Towards Recognition of Minority Groups: Legal and Communication Strategies (Ashgate 2014)’ (180-183) [download PDF]


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