Issue 9(1)

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Full Issue [download PDF]



Elias Deutscher, ‘Exit’ (1-9) [download PDF]


New Voices

Simone Marinai, ‘Recognition in Italy of Same-Sex Marriages Celebrated Abroad: The Importance of a Bottom-Up Approach’ (10-37) [download PDF]

Pablo Solano Diaz, ‘Price Parity Clauses: Has the Commission Let Slip the Watchdogs of War?’ (38-61) [download PDF]


General Articles

Michael Hein and Stefan Ewert, ‘How Do Types of Procedure Affect the Degree of Politicization of European Constitutional Courts? A Comparative Study of Germany, Bulgaria, and Portugal’ (62-102) [download PDF]

Michael Rhimes, ‘The EU Courts Stand Their Ground: Why Are the Standing Rules for Direct Actions Still So Restrictive?’ (103-172) [download PDF]

Armin Steinbach, ‘Structural Reforms in the EU Member States: Exploring Sanction-based and Reward-based Mechanisms’ (173-209) [download PDF]

Auke Willems, ‘Mutual Trust as a Term of Art in EU Criminal Law: Revealing its Hybrid Character’ (210-249) [download PDF]

Michele Mangini, ‘From Transcultural Rights to Transcultural Virtues: Between Western and Islamic Ethics’ (250-300) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Jotte Mulder, ‘Francesco de Cecco, State Aid and the European Economic Constitution (Hart Publishing 2012) and Juan Jorge Piernas López, The Concept of State Aid Under EU Law – From Internal Market to Competition and Beyond (Oxford University Press 2015) (301-309) [download PDF]

Graham Butler, ‘Marise Cremona and Anne Thies (eds), The European Court of Justice and External Relations Law: Constitutional Challenges (Hart Publishing 2014) (310-316) [download PDF]



Giovanni Boccaccio, ‘The Decameron First Day – Third Story’ (317-319) [download PDF]


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