Issue 4(2)

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Benedict S. Wray, ‘Citizenship & Migration: the Problem of Who should Regulate’ (1-3) [download PDF]


Symposium on Citizenship & Migration

Anna Kocharov, ‘Regulation that Defies Gravity – Policy, Economics and Law of Legal Immigration in Europe’ (4-37) [download PDF]

Delia Ferri and Mel Marquis, ‘Inroads to Social Inclusion in Europe’s Social Market Economy: The Case of State Aid Supporting Employment of Workers with Disabilities’ (38-63) [download pdf]

Panos Stasinopoulos, ‘EU Citizenship as a Battle of the Concepts: Travailleur v Citoyen’ (64-92) [download PDF]

M. Belén Olmos Giupponi, ‘Citizenship, Migration and Regional Integration: Re-shaping Citizenship Conceptions in the Southern Cone’ (93-124) [download PDF]

Juan M. Amaya-Castro, ‘Illegality Regimes and the Ongoing Transformation of Contemporary Citizenship’ (125-148) [download PDF]


General Articles

Pedro Caro de Sousa, ‘Catch Me If You Can? The Market Freedoms’ Ever-expanding Outer Limits’ (149-177) [download PDF]

Loïc Azoulai, ‘The “Retained Powers” Formula in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice: EU Law as Total Law?’ (178-203) [download PDF]

F.E. Guerra-Pujol, ‘A Bayesian Model of the Litigation Game’ (204-221) [download pdf]

Jean-Sylvestre Bergé, ‘Legal Application, Global Legal Pluralism and Hierarchies of Norms’ (222-244) [download PDF]


Book Reviews

Benjamin Farrand, ‘Corporate Governance or Corporate Government? – Pepper D. Culpepper, Quiet Politics and Business Power: Corporate Control in Europe and Japan (Cambridge University Press, 2011)’ (245-249) [download PDF]

Maciej Konrad Borowicz, ‘Beyond Contracts and Organizations – Gunther Teubner, Networks as Connected Contracts (edited with an Introduction by Hugh Collins, translated by Michelle Everson) (Hart Publishing, 2011)’ (250-258) [download PDF]

Stephen Coutts, ‘Nils Coleman, European Readmission Policy: Third Country Interests and Refugee Rights (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, 2009)’ (259-265) [download PDF]


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