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Online First are newly published academic articles yet to be assigned to a specific EJLS issue, allowing readers to access peer reviewed articles prior to the publication of the full issue. All Online First articles are searchable and citable by their DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Once an article is published as part of a full EJLS issue it may be found under the ‘Issues’ tab.

Please note that the decision of whether to publish an article as Online First remains within the discretion of the EJLS Editorial Board. As such, approved articles will not automatically be published as Online First ahead of publication of the next regular issue.

Which Courts Matter Most? Measuring Importance in the EU Preliminary Reference System

By: Michal Ovádek, Wessel Wijtvliet and Monika Glavina

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PESCO and the Prospect of a European Army: the ‘Constitutional Need’ to Provide for a Power of Control of the European Parliament on Military Interventions

By: Matteo Frau & Elisa Tira

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Evaluating Academic Legal Research in Europe. The Advantage of Lagging Behind (Book Review)

By: Olga Ceran

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