Our Review Process

The EJLS has a rigorous and transparent editorial policy to ensure that contributions meet the highest academic standards. The article review procedure is guided by the principles of impartiality and anonymity, with each article being subject to a double-blind peer review.

Submissions are first screened by the Managing Editors, who then notify the authors within one week of submission as to whether their work has been passed on for peer review, or rejected.

If an article is passed on for peer review, it will be assigned to a review committee made up of two members of the Editorial Board with specific competence in the subject matter covered by the article. The editors then have two weeks to evaluate the quality of the work and to submit a written report to the Editorial Board, recommending either a publication without changes, a publication subject to suggested changes or the rejection of the contribution. The entire review process, from submission to final decision, should take no longer than one month.

After the peer review, authors are informed of the status of their submissions and, depending on the assessment of the article, are presented with a list of suggestions for improvement or with the reasons for its rejection. If the submission is accepted, the author will be given a timeframe in which to make the suggested changes before the final submission of the manuscript. As a general guideline, this should be no more than one month from receipt of the decision. Please note that submissions may be required to undergo more than one round of review.

Should you have any further questions related to EJLS’ article submission and review policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

EJLS publication ethics and copyright policy

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Stylistic requirements

In order to publish with EJLS, authors are required to follow the guidelines provided.

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